I grew up about 30 minutes from the Grand Haven Lights and I just took it for granted that everyone had a lighthouse near them!  I've always loved the beach and lighthouses and started collecting lighthouse "stuff" in 1969.  The past few years I've taken our vacation time to visit lighthouses.  At first my family wasn't too thrilled, but it didn't take long for them to start appreciating lighthouses as much as I do!

There are 116 lighthouses in Michigan, more than any other state!  Some involve hiking and climbing to get to them, but are well worth the trek!  However, seeing that  many are accessible only by boat,  unless I win the lotto I will not be visiting all of them!  

On these pages you'll find the photos I've taken of the lighthouses I've visited and also have some history for them.  As I continue to visit and take pictures, I'll be adding them to these pages.
Please be patient, as it takes some time for the pages to load!

Enjoy!......Oh, if you're wondering where the word "jlight" comes from, it's short for "jlightkeeper" which is short for
"Jan, the Lightkeeper"!!!

Jan, jlight