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~ National Information ~

Volunteer Search Network
Nationwide group of volunteers that help in your search!!

Adoption Search and Reunion

Adoption Triad Org
Excellent site with a wealth of info!

County Courthouse Finder
County Courthouse Address listed by State

Are You Searching?
Adoption and Genealogy Links and Info

Bastard Nation
Activist Organization with Excellent Information!

Cyndi's List
Genealogy Sites

LDS Family History Centers
A listing of FHCs worldwide

Family Search
LDS Online Genealogy Search

The Seeker
Excellent Database and Links!

Libweb currently lists libraries in over 70 countries.

U.S. Dioceses
A directory of US Archdioceses and Dioceses on the Net

Public Record Center
Free Public Records from the most Updated Public Sources

Lookup American

AMA Physician Select
Doctor Finder
Genetica DNA Laboratories

Indian Child Welfare Act Update
Native Resource Center

Shell Line