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~ Articles to Read ~

The Second Rejection

Lifelong Issues in Adoption
The Seven Core Issues in Adoption which all triad members face throughout their lifetimes.

Testimony to the NY State Commission on Child Welfare
Vincenette Scheppler, M.S.W. on the impact of adoption

Issues Facing Adult Adoptees
Identity and Self- Esteem, Feelings of Abandonment, The Interest in Genetic Information, How Adopted Persons Cope.

Identity Crisis Years

Strengthening Families
Fr. Brosnan's Speech about adoption and families

Adult Adoptee Writes of the Recovery Experience Post-Reunion

Difficult Adoptee Reunions Reunited and it don't Feel so Good...

An Adoptee's Journey
Focus on Male Adoptees Searching

The Impact of Adoption on Birthparents

Especially for Men
Stories written by and for birth fathers, adoptive dads and a reunion story of an adoptee with her birthfather.

Mallie, We Love You
A birthmother writes about her pregnancy and how she and her boyfriend made adoption plans for their daughter.

Open Adoption Stories
Stories of opening a closed adoption, 2 birthmothers write and a letter from a birth grandmother.

A Story of 3 Adoptions
A wonderful story from beginning through adulthood, including meeting with birth families.

I Choose Life for my Baby
A Story by a birthmother of placing her daughter for adoption and of Reunion and the Healing Process

A Trilogy
Three stories by three women whose lives were changed forever by adoption

Adoption: A Gathering
A group of "thoughts" and short stories written by members of the triad, from PBS

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Shell Line

~ Birth Mother Resources ~

  • Sunflower's Birthmom's Pages
  • ~ Black Market Babies info: ~

    Tennessee Black Market Adoption Information

    Black Market Adoptee's Registry
    Adoptions handled by Helen Tanos Hope