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RUSH FOR OUR RECORDS!!! - Oregon original birth certificate access and Rush site info. below:

On November 3, 1998, the state of Oregon passed the first U.S. ballot initiative in history that makes unconditional access to an adult adoptees' original birth certificate law. This Thursday, December 3, 1998, Oregon adoptees will be able to request their own original birth certificates like all other non-adopted citizens.

There will be a National Adoptee Rights Day to commemorate this historic event. Every year on December 3rd shall heretofore be the official Adoptee Rights Day. Every year on this date, adoptees everywhere will celebrate this victory and organize events that will put pressure on other states to finally recognize our civil rights.

What's the Rush??
Oregon Department of Vital Records has devised a FAQ to address questions for adoptees seeking to apply for their records under the newly passed Measure 58. The FAQ is located at FAQ Please note that there WILL BE A LEGAL CHALLENGE to Measure 58. Opponents of open records are expected to file in Marion County Court to ask for an injunction to bar the Measure form taking effect while the battle ensues in the courts. Adoptees are strongly encouraged to apply for their records immediately in the event that an injunction is granted. It is possible that an injunction could halt the law before any applications are processed, but in the event that there is a delay, you will have a better chance the earlier you apply.

As a gesture of solidarity on December 3rd, we encourage all adoptees in the U.S. to walk into their local Departments of Vital Statistics, County Clerks or applicable offices and apply for a copy of their original birth certificates, just like the adoptees of Oregon, Alaska, and Kansas can. To see the growing list of sites nationwide visit List

In Oregon, you can participate in person on Thursday, December 3rd either in Portland or in Medford. Details:
PORTLAND: Bureau of Vital Statistics 800 NE Oregon Street Portland, OR 97232 (503) 731-4108 recording: (503) 731-4095 Fax: (503) 234-8417 Event time: 1 - 2 pm Contact: Helen Hill 503-368-5786 or Aaron Varhola
Map at BVS

MEDFORD: Jackson County Courthouse 100 S. Oakdale Ave. Medford, OR 97520 (541) 776-7258 Event time: 1 - 2 pm. Contact: Teresa Safay 541-488-6422

If you cannot travel to the county and state where your records are, feel free to go to where your local action is taking place and support the adoptees going in. Birth and adopted family members, as well as friends, significant others, and supporters outside the triad are welcome to come and particpate in the public awareness campaign outside the building. You may also wish to write a letter or telephone the appropriate vital records office in your state of birth. Ask them to keep your letter ON FILE with your birth certificate awaiting the day when your state of birth makes adoptees' original birth certificates available to them. BIRTHFAMILY members are also encouraged to WRITE to STATE registrars, updating their name, address, phone number, email and asking that that information be attached to the adoptees' birth record file. It would probably be helpful to have that request notarized before sending it.

HELP RAISE THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF REGISTRARS ACROSS THE NATION! This effort will add to the impact of the Day of Solidarity, DECEMBER 3, 1998, if your requests are IN THE MAIL BY TUESDAY, DECEMBER 2ND.

The important thing is that we get a huge turn-out in person and via mail and phone, calling attention to the fact that adoptees across the country deserve the same rights as adoptees in Kansas, Alaska, and now Oregon. To obtain the address of the state registrar of vital statistics in the state of the adoptee's birth, consult the following webpage(s) for the address, fee, etc. Vital Records