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CANADopt Registry

Adopted We Search

Assets and Family Research Consultants
A licensed private investigation agency with high success rate

Parent Finders

The National Archives of Canada

The Ideal Maternity Home
Home Of The Butterbox Babies

Alberta Adoptee Index Page

British Columbia Vital Statistics Agency

Ontario and National

Search Groups in Ontario and Quebec

Canada Phone Listings

U.K. and Ireland

Yahoo UK
the UK version, much more relevant to British users

search information for uk adoptees

UK Birth Adoption Register

Lookup UK
The Original Resource for Finding Someone in the UK.

UK & Ireland Geneology on the Web

Ireland Born Adoptees
Bulletin Board

Ireland Genealogy
with particular reference to the province of Ulster

UK Electoral Roll
2006 Electoral Roll plus database contains around 95% of the UK population - a large percentage of records include the Age of Subject.

Northern IrelandStatistics and Research Agency

UK People Search, Fee based

Australia and New Zealand

New South Wales Resources

Australia Phone Directory


Korean Adoptee Homepage


Listings, by country, of who to contact

Listings by country